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About Intake Academy's Training Services & Program

The Intake Academy™ Story

Intake Academy™ is a total business solution that transforms how law firms and call centers train, coach, hire and retain intake specialists, and how front line staff handle legal intakes. We do this by creating significant financial breakthroughs in record time with less struggle and less costly, yet more effective intake conversion strategies. So instead of your law firm spending MORE money on marketing and advertising to generate inquiries, the Intake Academy™ helps you make the most of what you’re already getting.

Using online and offline products, services, training and coaching programs, the Intake Academy™ shows attorneys and their team how to handle intake calls, how to be MORE effective on the phone, in person or online with prospective clients.

Intake Academy™ was founded by nationally recognized sales and marketing experts Chris Mullins. The Intake Academy™ brings together exclusive groups of like-minded attorneys, partners, intake specialist, receptionists, and managers who want to increase their case load with ideal clients, maximize their marketing dollars and create a better client experience and more rewarding law practice.

Intake Academy™ teaches better intake and conversion by concentrating on a proven IN.T.A.K.E.™ system, which focuses on four things:

  • Relationships first business second
  • Consistent, integrity based sales process
  • Empowering and enabling staff with the right skills
  • On-going coaching and reinforcement to ensure intake quality

Whereas most law firms ignore this straightforward approach and simply spend MORE money on marketing to “make the phone ring”, Intake Academy™ helps clients understand where the law firm is “leaving money on the table” and provides the correct process to convert more ideal clients, gain a serious competitive advantage and increase the firms revenue exponentially in ANY competitive legal marketplace.


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